September 26, 2008

Random Things...

Well, time waits for no one... that is one lesson that I am really becoming acquainted with this year. I can't believe that I only have a month left in school and that the breast cancer 3 day is almost here. Come November 1, all my obligations for the year are done. Now that is a crazy thought.

I have a few things I wanted to share, the first is a picture from the crop. These are our late night scrappers who stayed until the bitter end. We did have a ton of fun that day and I am proud to say that we raised a lot of money for breast cancer!

I have also been thinking a lot about the photography challenge 26 Things. I have a couple more to share that I have managed to snap in the midst of all the craziness...


A rusty bridge that runs over the East-West Connector in Cobb County on the Silver Comet trail. I noticed the rusty metal against the bright blue sky and green trail while on a training walk on Saturday.


The seasons first acorns. They are so tiny and would have been passed up by most people, but they are great reminders that we are entering Fall and big changes in the weather that are about to come.

Well, that is all for now!

September 19, 2008

Anything goes Friday!

I have made it through another week! Yeah! Still have a ways to go this weekend with everything I want to get done for school, but for now I am taking a few minutes to get caught up. I have been a very slack blogger lately! So here is what has been going on since the end of August.

Well, there was Labor Day weekend. It was full of long walks and working on projects for school and some for the DT at Sweet Memories. Then there was a week full of jury duty fun! Finally there was the much anticipated crop! I promise to update with pictures once I get them loaded into the computer.

We raised lots of money for breast cancer research and I am happy to report that I am at my goal for fundraising. Now all I have to worry about is blisters! Yikes! Next week we are looking at 18mi!! Yes, 18. Now that is going to take a while.

Anyhoo! Check out some cards I made for the store...