August 10, 2008


That was the last word the postage meter ever said before the ink cartridge exploded and it died. Yes, that was one mess! By the time I was done, my hands were stained a nice pinky-red color from cleaning up that bizarre mess made by our old postage meter at work.


Every great drink needs a little something to make the presentation spectacular... this one has the orange peel spiral. My most favorite pomegranate martini made with love by the folks at Marlow's.


Andi said...

GREAT picture! I love it.

Jessica said...

Funny thing is just 2 days ago, I made a joke with my fave honey that he needed to get me a pomegranite martini! What a face, shame I didn't have the camera! He had no clue what it was, I had just seen an ad in a mag. Never had one though, are they good?

Amy in GA said...

Wow - love that spiral!! Very cool!!